TRC Series Controllers

The Tunwall Radio TRC Series is the clear choice for transmitter site switch control. Reliable, easy to install and use, the TRC Series is compatible with all coaxial switches and contactors. Launched in 2004 with a single switch controller, the TRC Series now includes ten models for a variety of switch configurations. The latest addition is the “N” series controllers. These units, with multiple options for single or dual switch control, feature SNMP capability and a built-in web server. (learn more)

Inside and out, the TRC Series design is unique. All models use programmable logic controllers. Using a timed sequence, the controller removes RF power, moves the switch(es), and verifies switch positions before RF power is restored. An auto transfer mode allows for changing transmitters automatically if the main fails. The key switch operated local mode prevents remote commands during maintenance. And load testing is protected via the automatic load interlock.

The PLCs in the TRC Series have proven to be extremely reliable. They are designed to withstand typical challenges to electronic equipment in industrial environments; heat, dust vibration, magnetic fields and power line transients.

Built in aluminum rack mount boxes (either 2RU or 3RU), the TRC Series features an engraved front panel flow chart graphic.

Switch position indicators clearly show the RF signal path and load status. Pushbuttons and key switches make operation simple, with no screens to navigate and nothing to program.

On the rear of each controller is an engraved panel with standard .375 barrier terminals for transmitter and remote connections.

Some models feature transmitter plate on/plate off and antenna interlock functions. All have a 9 pin plug for each switch connection. Optional controller-to-switch cables are available for any coaxial switch and can be made to any length. Some models also work with AM contactors. For those installations, a cable with one unterminated end can be provided.

There are ten standard models in the TRC Series. See specs and pricing here. Custom designs are also available, see here for more information.

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