AM Directional

For AM directional systems, Tunwall Radio offers compact plc-based controllers. Programmable logic controllers replace any number of relays, saving space and hardware expense. PLCs perform very well in industrial environments, which typically present several challenges to electronic equipment; heat, dust, vibration, magnetic fields, and power line transients.

Tunwall Radio AM directional controllers are now built in enclosed aluminum rackmount boxes, instead of the previous designs which were housed in open panel and shelf units. And these units now feature the option of SNMP v2c capability with a built in web server. Remote connections can also be made via terminal strip connections on the rear panel.

Like the TRC Series, Tunwall Radio AM directional controllers feature simple pushbutton operation.  Timed sequences remove RF power, move contactors and verify positions before RF power is restored. Front panel indicators show pattern and transmitter in use, and position of all RF contactors in the system. Local, off and remote modes are selected with a key switch. There is also an emergency bypass mode.

The control outputs are 24VDC, so no high voltage is wired to the controller, allowing phasing systems with contactor pilot relays to be directly connected. In cases where a station’s contactors receive 120 or 240 VAC, an additional cabinet is available. This 2 RU aluminum box contains 24 volt power relays to switch the AC.

Depending upon the complexity of the system, these controllers may be housed in one or more rack mount boxes. We have completed several SNMP enabled systems recently, scroll through the gallery below for photos of these designs.

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Non directional AM stations can utilize one of our TRC Series single or dual switch controllers. See our TRC Series page for details.