About Us

Tunwall Radio LLC manufactures broadcast switch and transmitter control systems. The TRC Series was launched in 2004, with three models for single, dual and triple switch configurations. The line has expanded to include the TRC-1P, with a plate on/off function, the TRC-1PA with an added antenna interlock, and the TRC-2A, an alternate two switch configuration. Our products include AM directional phasor and transmitter control systems, plus custom designs for FM and TV. In addition, Tunwall Radio makes network analyzer kits, a set of devices for measuring AM systems under power.

Our products are being used by radio and television stations throughout the U.S., Canada and international markets.

Steve Tunwall started Tunwall Radio after more than a decade in radio engineering. His experience as a station chief engineer and later as a corporate group director eventually led to an interest in control system development. He is responsible for all Tunwall Radio product design and construction.

Leslie Tunwall is the company Business Manager. Her broadcast background includes positions in radio as news reporter and manager.

After starting the company in Ohio, Tunwall Radio relocated to north central Florida in 2014.

Our History

Carl Tunwall, Sr. on air at KFJY

Tunwall Radio is connected to the earliest days of radio. Steve Tunwall’s grandfather, Carl Tunwall, Sr., owned and operated radio station KFJY in Fort Dodge, Iowa. Broadcasting at 1220AM, it was one of the first stations in the state, receiving its license from the FCC in 1924. Tunwall Radio Corp. also owned and operated a radio store and repair shop in Fort Dodge. Tunwall Radio LLC, a Florida limited liability company, has no connection to the Iowa business. We do use a variation of the original company logo as our own, and we proudly display 1920s era photos of the Tunwall Radio Co. service car in our company literature and here on tunwallradio.com.

Inside KFJY Studio

Tunwall Radio Corp. Service Car, about 1924