Introducing the latest addition to the TRC Series: the TRC-1N single switch controller.

The TRC-1N has all the features of our standard single switch controller, with an added LAN connection. Commands and status checks can be performed remotely using SNMP (v2c).

Tunwall TRC-1N
TRC-1N Rear Panel with RJ45 jack for LAN connection

There is also a built-in web server allowing for access via any internet connection. Remote connections can also be made via terminal strip connections on the rear panel.

Tunwall TRC-1N web server
TRC-1N Web Server

The TRC-1N utilizes a programmable logic controller for all functions. There is no end user programming required. Local operation remains the same as with all TRC Series controllers, with front panel pushbuttons. Switch position indicators clearly show the RF signal path and load status.

Key switches allow for local mode operation, locking out SNMP control as well as wired remote commands. SNMP and wired status will work with the local key switch on. An auto transfer mode allows for changing transmitters automatically if the main fails. Load testing is protected via the automatic load interlock.

The TRC-1N is compatible with all coaxial switches, and can also be used with AM contactors.

At this time the TRC-1N is our only model in our TRC Series with SNMP capability. Other controllers, including custom designs, may include the feature in the future. If you are interested in a custom design, please contact us or complete the quote form.

For information about our other controllers in the TRC Series, including two and three switch designs, visit the TRC Series page.